Invisible Love, the Stroke of An Albatross

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Life is never ending, like the seasons with her rain and snow. After every single life, there is a new beginning. Like after every night, there will be a sunrise. Over and over, a never ending cycle.

That is what Annie Scholte writes together with her most beloved Soulmate, who passed away to soon. Together as psychic ones they talked about psychic things. Annie was psychic already during her childhood, but never developed her gift. Her hands had a lot of healing energy and she could take away the pain. Often she new things that she could not know, but happened unexpected. The moment she met her soulmate is the breakpoint in her live. Unfortunately they cannot become lovers, because her soulmate is very sick. During that time they talk about live after dead. After her soulmate died, Annie got the signals and started to develop her physic gift. And so they started writing, not knowing how special and strong their bound would become. A number of signals, synchronicities and the psychic abilities which she developed are expressed in this book. A book which tells the story about a love which was cut off too early, but because of that, was deepened even more. By automatic writing her soulmate tells her his story from the other side and that he is waiting for her. A story which is mend to heal people who lost somebody very dear. To comfort and support in moments when missing someone you love is so painful and hard to bear. Together they feel it as their message to tell the world, that the ghost spirit never dies and love ones will meet again.

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My soulmate was a skipper, and crossed the oceans. I called him my Albatross. Once more my dear I let you cross the oceans.

ISBN 97890 8548 3540

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My Albatross, after a long cold winter, back on its nest. Eternital love


Expecting: Invisible Lives

In this book I describe the past lives of my soulmate and me together, gained during retirement. A book about astral travel, which gave me insight into why our chemistry was so strong at that time. Many matters are explained and interpreted. In terms of Karmic processes but also things as synchrony.