About myself

anniescholteMy name is Annie Scholte.

Born in 1958. In the Netherlands

I discovered my psychic gift when I was very young. As a child I had predictive dreams and I discovered my healing hands by touching people during massage. I could feel the pain and the disturb organs in the body. More and more I became interested into the quantum matter, especially when I started to treat people remotely. After a long search I found my recognition in the book by Lynne Mc Taggert, the intention experiment.

During my visit to England I found parts of my previous life back. My former marriage was with my great love John Grant. His tomb that I saw already in my out-of-body experiences and described in my book I found. Soul recognition was instant in this life and on this day we work together. My name was in England Marie-Ann. Special was that my current name often shortened to Ann.

Together with Jelle Veeman I developed the STAR program. Focused on the new energy. See cup training.

The guided writing has been the breakthrough in the phenomenon: Is there life after death. The last part of the book is written by him through guided writing. The Dutch and English books tell about an unbreakable bond after the passing of this earthly life.

Life is never ending, like the seasons with her rain and snow. After every single life, there is a new beginning. Like after every night, there will be a sunrise. Over and over, a never ending cycle.